When people hear the term "domestic violence," they often think of a person being hit, kicked, or shoved.

However, violence and threats of violence can take many forms. Just because you are not being hit, does not mean you are not a survivor of domestic violence.

In the same way, many kinds of unwanted contact may constitute sexual abuse, assault, or harassment, even if the unwanted contact did not include sex. What matters is whether you were made uncomfortable or afraid.

There are also many behaviors that could meet the legal definition of stalking. A stalker may never come to your door or call you, but if a person contacts you more than once in a way that makes you feel afraid, you may need to take action to protect yourself.


The Survivors Justice Center (SJC) provides free legal and advocacy services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. SJC is a collaboration of Lane County Legal Aid and Advocacy Center, Womenspace, and Sexual Assault Support Services that is housed at Lane County Legal Aid. Clients have access to all partner services upon arrival. Legal services could include helping you keep a restraining order in place, family law issues, and other civil legal matters related to your situation. Advocacy services could include emergency services, support groups, and transitional programs.

The Survivors Justice Center also works to increase awareness and understanding of legal issues surrounding domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Programs include Rural, Latina, and Tribal Outreach as well as Community Education. There are outreach posts at Community Sharing in Cottage Grove and Siuslaw Outreach Services in Florence.

Our programs are intended for people with low-income, but anyone can apply for our services and receive appropriate referrals or self-help information. We are not able to provide services in every case.


If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

If you are out of danger for the moment, but you still need crisis services, call the Womenspace crisis hotline at 541-485-6513 or 800-281-2800.

If you have experienced any kind of unwanted sexual contact or harassment, call the Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) crisis and support line at 541-343-SASS(7277) or 800-788-4727. You may also drop-in at 591 W. 19th Ave. (19th and Jefferson) in Eugene.

Your immediate safety is your first priority. Most legal issues should wait until the courthouse opens. When you're ready for legal help, apply in person.

The following chart (the power-and-control wheel) portrays some of the various behaviors that abusers may display:

Power-Control Wheel

Heceta Head

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